Piemonte Agency

International Network / Profile

An international network of field and liaison offices, provides you with the latest information on Piemonte and on the business opportunities it offers.

Ask for  support  and get in touch with local companies. According to your needs, Piemonte Agency can

- select the best partners
- organise matchmaking meetings in Piemonte or on your premises
- give assistance in industrial, commercial and technological cooperation.

All services are free, responsive, tailored to your needs and totally confidential.

Choose your area and contact us.

•    ASEAN: Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
•    Balkans: Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia
•    Caucasus and Central Asia: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekhstan
•    South America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay
•    Southern Africa: Angola, Mozambique, South Africa
•    India

Contact person
Mrs. Annalisa Gamba
Tel. +39 011 6700639
Fax +39 011 6965456

•    NAFTA Area: Canada, Mexico, USA
•    China, South Korea, Japan
•    Eastern and Central Europe: Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia
•    Gulf Region: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Iraqi Kurdistan, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait

Contact person
Mrs. Aida Shiroka
Tel. +39 011 6700642
Fax +39 011 6965456

•    Continental Europe: France, Germany, Switzerland

Contact person
Mr. Franco Caccia
Tel. +39 011 6700507
Fax +39 011 6965456

•    Turkey
•    Brazil
•    Russia
•    North Africa and Middle East: Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Lebanon, Tunisia

Contact person
Mrs. Sonia Baldassarre
Tel. +39 011 6700626
Fax +39 011 6965456