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Piemonte, located in North-Western Italy, right at the heart of Europe’s most highly developed core, plays an essential role in the nation’s economy. The region brings together industrial tradition, innovation, a powerful drive for research and development, leisure and entertainment, arts and exquisite tastes and aromas. Intellectual vividness has always been a distinctive feature: Torino, first capital of Italy, was the political and strategic point of departure for the reunification of the Country in 1861, while in recent times, it was the venue of the Winter Olympic Games (2006) and the first World Design Capital (2008).

The region is dynamic in industry as in services, with a skilled, flexible and versatile workforce. It hosts research, education facilities and competency centres of international standing. As confirmation of its competitiveness, about 600 foreign companies have chosen to invest here.

Internationally famous for being the cradle of the Italian car industry - Torino being the home town of Fiat, the leading Italian automotive group, and of car stylists,– the region also hosts top-class enterprises active in: aerospace, design, energy and environment, fashion and beauty, ict, life sciences, mechatronics, sustainable mobility...

Within this context, SMEs play a vital role in the economic and social make-up of the region. These streamlined and fast-acting businesses have strong territorial roots, but their flexibility, propensity for innovation, wealth of know-how and use of high quality processes and production techniques has also made them representatives for Made in Italy worldwide.

Piemonte is the largest region of continental Italy, with a territorial extension like Denmark and a population of over 4.4 million inhabitants, comparable to that of Norway.

Located in the heart of Europe’s most highly developed core, Piemonte counts: