Sectors involved:
Aerospace & Defence, Agrofood, Automotive, building & Contract, Clothing, Design Building Living, , 
Design & Luxury, Energy, Environment, G
raphics, Green Chemistry, Health & Wellness, ICTInfrastructure, Industrial Automation & Industrial Plant Equipment, Jewelry, Logistics, Mechatronics,  Paper industry, Publishing industry,Railway, Textile, Top-of-the-line Design



- You are an independent expert working on international markets with companies / key players / buyers
- You have acquired an experience as a coach for companies accessing international markets
- You are interested in assisting companies in discovering new market opportunities abroad

You can join our permament database of independent experts to perform the following activities:
  • International market researches
  • Setting up outgoing missions of companies and arranging b2b schedules with new potential counterparts in other countries
  • Identification of the top class key players and buyers in different countries seeking for new suppliers
  • Organization of incoming missions to Torino-Piemonte of international buyers
  • Assistance in identifying international tenders for our local companies
  • Scouting actions on new markets
Our database of independent experts is neither a competition, nor an obligation for us to directly assign activities. If you decide to be included, please keep in mind that this is not a hiring process. You simply provide us with your CV and your company presentation in order to be invited to bid for our requests for offers that we launch during the year for performing the above activities in various countries.

You are entitled to bid for our requests for offers if you:

•    are highly experienced in international business development
•    are able to provide market / product / positioning surveys in one or more sectors
•    have high-level of expertise in one or more of the fields and in one or more countries in the world.
•    have an extensive experience in supporting companies in identifying international tenders
•    have a deep knowledge of market mechanisms in other countries and a network of notable contacts with local     
     key players, buyers and main contractors
•    are able to arrange b2b meetings in other countries for our local companies with potential foreign counterparts
•    have a knowledge of the best international exhibitions in other countries specialising in you sectors
•    have very good knowledge of English and preferably of the language spoken in the country/ies you specialise in
•    (preferably) have registered offices in other countries

Invitations to bid are sent (normally on a rotation basis) according to the information we receive from experts (CV, declared skills and experience). We reserve the right to identify the most suitable experts meeting the features of the specific requests for proposal we launch.
If you are intested in being included in our database, please email us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):

-    your CV duly signed as a self-certification + your valid identity document (art. 35, 46 and  47 of DPR 445/2000)
-    your company presentation in English language, if available.

Please note: if more people are working in your team, you might attach additional CVs.

This database has a permanent call, it is not a competition. Therefore Piemonte Agency has no obligations of any kind towards the applicants.

Any change to CVs / company profiles must promptly be updated by the experts, to ensure being invited to bid for requests for proposals.