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ASTRA – Aiding and Supporting women to Trust their potential, Reach their goals and Achieve their career objectives


Presentation of project results

Astra Guidelines & Recommendation

Astra podcast series 

Astra has given voice to the experiences of female leaders. In each episode, we delved deeper into different facets of the personal and professional challenges faced by women living in Southern Europe.

The six podcasts are available clicking here: 

6. Women in the highest-ranking roles, 13/07/2023

5. How can Females strive and make a difference in a Male dominated business world, 10/04/2023

4. The Power of Empathy, rational & Emotional distress in business (emotional intelligence), 08/03/2023

3. The role and influence of women in the business world, 02/03/2023

2. Biological, cultural and religious challanges in a woman's career, 01/03/2023

1. The female drive towards a successful career, 01/03/2023

Final Multiplier Event - Alliances & Networks for Women Leadership: the experience of Astra cross-mentoring

May 23rd & 24th2023 [webinar] 



Day 1 
Presentation of the results of the project and discussion with experts 


Day 2 

Group discussion and networking session on how to improve female leadership in workplaces and female entrepreneurship.

All project updates on Facebook Astra page  

Objectives of the project

To develop a cross-sectoral, cross-border, intergenerational and intercultural training and mentoring programme for aspiring women leaders, with a dual purpose:

  • strengthen the leadership and empowerment skills of women in the world of work and raise awareness of their potential for professional and career growth (mentees), through a mentoring-based learning system
  • strengthen the skills of professionals and entrepreneurs (mentors) in supporting and multiplying female leadership  


  • 20 women, over 20, of any nationality residing in Italy or Malta, at the beginning of their careers or with intermediate job roles and aspirations for professional or career growth
  • 20 mentors, women or men, with significant experience and decision-making roles in the public and private, profit and non-profit sectors or in the field of self-entrepreneurship
  • Subjects active in the world of work and institutions


  • Mapping of the needs and expectations of potential mentors and mentees in Italy and Malta, July-August 2022
  • Development of training modules and dedicated tools for mentoring and experimentation in transnational pilot sessions (English working language), 7th-11th November 2022
  • Recruitment and selection of the beneficiaries of the programme (mentees) and of the mentors who will support them (deadline 25th October 2022): Mentor: flyer with eligibility criteria - Mentee: flyer with eligibility criteria
  • Mentee-mentor matching and activation of the Mentoring path with training dedicated to each group: 24 pairs Mentor-Mentee started the pathway (november 2022-april 2023); 21 pairs finalized it.
  • Institutional meetings and network actions
  • Dissemination events (presentation webinar : 10th October 2022, 16:00-18:00 - Video-recording of the event)

Expected results 

  • Women mentees' leadership skills will be consolidated
  • Mentors’ ability to transmit experiences and guidance to female leadership will be consolidated
  • The civil society ‘s awareness on the advantages of investing in women will be strengthened
  • Transnational partnerships between Italian and Maltese subjects and organizations will be created
  • The developed model of female leadership will be replicable and transferable


August 2022 - March 2023 

Territorial scope

Italy and Malta 


Weave Consulting Limited, Birkirkara, Malta, (lead partner)
Core Platform, Valletta, Malta

For more information: 

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Elena Dall’Amico
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