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Pilote project promoted by the Municipality of Milano together with the Municipality of Torino, Piemonte Job Agency, ANOLF Piemonte (Multiethnic Association of Migrants) and with the technical support of Ceipiemonte as associate.


To encourage circular immigration between Maghreb and Italy offering new opportunity of professional growth and development for high-skilled young Moroccans and Tunisians.


  • Mapping out of priority economic sectors in Morocco and Tunisia
  • Profiling of companies in Torino area, interested in starting out or deepening economic and commercial collaboration with Morocco and Tunisia.
  • Selection of Moroccan and Tunisian graduates
  • Matching of candidates and companies and launch of traineeships
  • Accompanying measures post-apprenticeship for the trainees to help them develop their career or entrepreneurial project on the spot

Ceipiemonte committed to recruiting and selecting 10 local companies willing to host apprentices from Marocco and Tunisia for a three months’ temporary experience.

The project combined two complementary needs: that of non-EU young foreigners to make a professional experience to be capitalized on returning home and the one of Italian companies to have a temporary mother tongue resource to support their plan for internationalization in North Africa.

The pilot project has achieved positive results for both the targets involved.


September 2017 – July 2018

Information and project results available on

Slide projected on occasion of the EU Taiex seminar "Anticipation des besoins en compétences et mise en adéquation dans le cadre du partenariat pour la mobilité EU-Tunisie" Tunis, 27-28 November 2018

Video on project results

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