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Piemonte is experiencing important changes and is investing in urban transformations and large projects. Its strategic vision aims to attract investment and to be a welcoming and business-oriented region.

Among the important ongoing investment projects, Piemonte boasts some major transformations that will give a strong boost to its entire economic/productive system in terms of research and innovation, launching the region at the center of the European development in life sciences, aerospace, advanced manufacturing, sustainable mobility and logistics.

Brownfield location opportunities (i.e. existing production plants for new production activity) and greenfield ones (i.e. free areas ready for any type of transformation) are widespread throughout the region. Piemonte offers a wide range of real estate opportunities mainly in: residential, retail, hospitality, offices, medical / healthcare, industrial, logistics (infrastructure/storage/warehouse) and social housing.

Real Estate

These opportunities are both public and private and can also relate to large areas that host important production plants.

To support real estate development, Piemonte offers skills, services, products and technologies for the real estate sector thanks to the presence of companies active in all the phases of the supply chain that can support foreign investors and developers in the turnkey investments: from engineering, architecture and design services, to sustainable, smart and green building solutions, passing through high-level products, materials and building components and innovative technologies aimed at managing projects with greater efficiency and with a lower environmental impact. Piemonte is indeed where developers, investors and builders/general contractors can find all the due know-how to undertake valuable real estate initiatives.


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Project Manager

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