Contenuti Principali

CEIPIEMONTE acts, on behalf of its members, the present real estate search service, in order to propose properties (areas and/or buildings) to both public and private for the benefit of companies wanting to locate in Piedmont, free of charge, therefore without any commission or other consideration due, in any capacity, to CEIPIEMONTE.

CEIPIEMONTE remains unrelated to any relationship established by the companies with the intermediaries responsible for the aforementioned buildings, not assuming CEIPIEMONTE any responsibility for these subjects, for their remuneration, nor in general for the conditions or the successful conclusion of the negotiations, which will have to be evaluated and managed independently by the companies involved.

CEIPIEMONTE is not in any way responsible for the information entered on the site, with particular reference, for example, to the truthfulness, exhaustiveness, non-deception, to the lawfulness of the announcements, nor is any burden of verification and control of the themselves. The announcements can therefore be modified and updated without notice, without any responsibility for CEIPIEMONTE.