The project provides foreign buyers with a valuable support in outsourcing activities and offer the opportunity to get in touch with over 150 top-flight suppliers of the automotive & transportation sector in Piemonte-Italy featuring technical, qualitative and logistic capabilities.
All activities are promoted by Regione Piemonte (Regional Authority), financed by ERDF – European Regional Development Fund and managed by Piemonte Agency.


Member companies of this project are active in the following fields:

  • System and components: vehicle, powertrain
  • R&D services: styling, engineering, prototyping, testing
  • Industrial products and services: process engineering, equipment, tooling, control & testing gauge
  • Other services: management consultancy, logistic, various services.

In Piemonte you can find a complete automotive supply chain, as well as international Key Players.

Find the right partner for your business

Piemonte Agency’s assistance is completely free-of-charge and provides you with:

  • top class skills and unique manufacturing know-how
  • capable suppliers who can deliver on time high-quality parts and products at competitive prices
  • technological qualified and competitive supply chains sharing commercial objectives, target clients and strategies
  • technical working groups where local enterprises and foreign companies work together to develop projects aligned to the expectations of their international players.

Meet our companies according to your technical requirements: contact us to get your pre-organized b2b in Piemonte or on one's premises, in worldwide events, on the occasion of networking events between public bodies, institutions, associations and clusters.


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