The project offers international players a preferential channel to develop business contacts with a selection of top class companies from Torino Piemonte active in the automation and production equipment fields

All activities are promoted by Regione Piemonte (Regional Authority), financed by ERDF – European Regional Development Fund and managed by Piemonte Agency

All member companies of this project, are able to satisfy international customers’ requirements for quality standards, product and process technology, as well as in terms of innovation capabilities.

Find the right partner for your business


Piemonte Agency’s assistance is completely free-of-charge and provides you with:

  • top class skills and unique manufacturing know-how
  • capable suppliers who can deliver on time high-quality parts and products at competitive prices
  • technological qualified and competitive supply chains sharing commercial objectives, target clients and strategies
  • technical working groups where local enterprises and foreign companies work together to develop projects aligned to the expectations of their international players.

Meet our companies according to your technical requirements: contact us to get your pre-organized b2b in Piemonte or on one's premises, in worldwide events, on the occasion of networking events between public bodies, institutions, associations and clusters.


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