Piemonte has a historical heritage in industry and is currently a hub for traditional and advanced production systems in: automotive, aerospace, railway, appliances, energy, health, domotics.
The territory gives home to 1,700 small- and medium-sized enterprises and to about 80 big players ensuring top class know-how and innovative hi-tech products.

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Applications and excellences

Mechatronics can find a wide range of industrial applications, mainly concerning robotics, automation, electronics and information technology. Piemonte territory boasts both producers and subcontractors of systems applied to all these fields, added to components, products and services.

A close cooperation between the entrepreneurial and academia/research network ensures excellence in mechatronics. In Piemonte mechatronics means:

  • unique technical know-how
  • innovative products and processes
  • high quality standards
  • project design capabilities
  • production flexibility


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