Funded by the European Commission and coordinated by ANIMA Investment Network within a partnership of 26 countries organizations, including Ceipiemonte, the three year project (2014 – 2017) aims to promote industrial, technological and commercial cooperation between Europe and the South Mediterranean countries.The actions will involve: Europe, Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Palestine (EU cooperation with Syria is currently suspended given the political situation in this country).

Main activities:

(i) Business Roadshows with B2B and brokerage events in Europe and in the Mediterranean
(ii) Supporting creation of small and medium sized enterprises
(iii) Master classes to support business and small and medium enterprises
(iv) Euromed Invest Academy

For more informations:

EUROMED Smart Mobility World Matchmaking - Torino, 13-14 novembre 2014

Euromed Invest Roadshow "AGROTECHinMED" - Algeria, 13-14 maggio 2015

Euromed Business Roadshow in Giordania - Amman, 27-28 settembre 2016

Euromed Roadshow in Marocco - Casablanca, 4-5 maggio 2017

Euromed Roadshow in Egitto - Cairo, 27-28 aprile 2017