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Request for quotation - BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT IN IRAN
for Piedmontese companies involved in the following sectors: agribusiness, aerospace, automotive, mechatronics, textile, clothing, design and luxury, cleantech and green chemistry including environment, green building, energy and renewables and related infrastructure, health & wellness, ICT applications

CEIPIEMONTE invites you to tender for the provision of the service and activities listed in the attached letter - Prot. n. 591/LEG 

Since it is not possible for CEIPIEMONTE to provide for the services that will be required, this procedure is launched by the framework contract system, in order to be able to obtain offers from the successful tenderers also for services other than the ones mentioned below.
This request for quotation is regulated by the article 36, of the D.Lgs. 50/2016.

See the enclosures