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The international journal fDi Intelligence, the Financial Times' section on direct investment, has rewarded Piemonte's investment attraction strategy by placing it at the top of the 'Large Regions' category

Torino, February 17, 2024 - The new edition of the Financial Times' "European Cities and Regions of the Future 2024" report is out: for the first time, Piemonte ranked 6th in the top 10 large European regions for its foreign investment attraction strategy.

Piemonte already stands out in the Italian economic context, ranking third among the country's regions in terms of foreign companies present in the area, with more than 4,000 local units that contribute about 8% of regional employment, with a total of more than 150,000 employees, and generate an added value of € 12 billion (18% of the regional total) and a turnover of € 46 billion (20% of the regional total).
The Financial Times' recognition emphasizes the success of Piemonte's strategy also at European level, rewarding the concrete efforts of local institutions in promoting quality investments, with consequent benefits in terms of employment and economic growth, as well as in supporting multinational corporations already present in the area.

With this aim in mind, in 2022 Regione Piemonte set up the Attraction Team, an interdirectional working group involving the operational entities Piemonte Agency, Finpiemonte and Agenzia Piemonte Lavoro and other local stakeholders, acting as a single interlocutor for new potential investors. Piemonte's Chambers of Commerce also play a key and synergic role in the regional investment attraction strategy thanks to the Investment Attraction Project launched in 2023 and carried out by Piemonte Agency.

“This is the crowning of meticulous and patient work," commented President Alberto Cirio and Regional Ministers Andrea Tronzano and Fabrizio Ricca, "which has Regione Piemonte's offices, particularly those in the competitiveness and international promotion sector, work together in recent months to create the Attraction Team, a coordination aimed at enhancing the special features of our region, thus making them appealing and able to increase and bring innovation, development and competitiveness to the entrepreneurial system.”

“This news, published in the prestigious Financial Times newspaper, makes us proud and shows us the fruits of a path we have been working on for years as the Piemonte Chambers of Commerce system, investing human and economic resources. Attracting investment to our region is essential to fuel economic growth, stimulate innovation and create new employment opportunities. Our commitment, together with the Piemonte Region and Ceipiemonte, is to provide a favorable environment for investors, through the creation of functional infrastructures, a skilled workforce, and a streamlined bureaucracy, as well as direct access to international markets. Our goal is to continue building strong partnerships and fostering a business environment that enhances the confidence of national and international investors. We look to the future convinced that investments play a fundamental role in creating prosperous and sustainable territories,' comments Gian Paolo Coscia, President of Unioncamere Piemonte.

“This recognition rewards the change of pace of Piemonte’s Regional Government Regione Piemonte and the innovative strategy of Piemonte Agency in attracting investments, through the creation of a new dedicated team made up of young professionals, the investment in market intelligence activities and the activation of new channels of investors’ interception, starting from the signing of agreements with renowned international players - declares Dario Peirone, President of Piemonte Agency - This strategy was  already been highlighted by the Financial Times in the October issue, with an article on the cover of FDI dedicated to the Piemonte’s capacity in attracting business. In 2023 Piemonte Agency intercepted 200 new dossiers of possible investments, with a potential value of over 5 billion € and 6,000 new jobs. These are only the first results of a strategy that the Financial Times today certifies as successful, allowing Piemonte to enter this prestigious ranking. Our goal is to double these figures by 2025 and bring quality investments to our region.