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The jewellery sector in Piemonte offers a network of specialized companies in the entire supply chain: design, machinery and equipment, gold craftsmanship, software, prototyping and moulding, production of luxury gold and platinum jewels, cutting and modelling of precious and semi-precious stones, coral, silver tools, bijoux and coins.

District of Valenza

The District of Valenza gathers about 850 companies active the jewellery sector and highly specialized human resources. About 30 tons of gold as well as 80% of the precious stones that are imported to Italy are processed every year in Valenza.

150 years of experience in gold manufacturing, the enormous know-how and professional heritage, highly skilled artisans and laboratories, the capacity to follow market trends and requests: these are the strengths of the Valenza District. Jewels produced here are exclusive and hand-manufactured with sophisticated techniques: they are one-of-a-kind creations and Made in Italy symbols that are very hard to replicate.

The District boasts the presence of world-famous brands like Damiani, Pasquale Bruni and big plants such as Bulgari’s, as well as small but very dynamic and flexible companies.


Craftsmanship ability, style, research, personalisation of the products are internationally recognised as the winning features animating Piemonte's Made in Italy fashion.

Piemonte’s clothing and fashion sector encompasses quite a broad variety including lingerie, fashion accessories, footwear, leather goods and plays a leading role in the field of garments.

Piemonte offers a wide range of productions, represented by the presence of a number of major famous producers such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Miroglio, Basicnet (Robe di Kappa, Superga, K-Way, Jesus Jeans), and many smaller businesses endowed with high quality products and that have created interesting niche markets.


Annalisa Gamba

Division Manager

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