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Piemonte at Made in Piemonte in Copenhagen - Copenhagen, 15-16 May 2024

In the Residence of the Italian Ambassador, discover 10 top-class companies showcasing the region’s outstanding capacities in indoor and outdoor furniture, design objects, furnishing fabrics, cashmere accessories, wallpapers, lighting and luxury braided materials for interior decoration. 

Piemonte companies at Made in Piemonte in Copenhagen 2024

Design and creativity are the engine of innovation and they represent a strategic level for the business development. Torino and Piemonte boast in fact a long and successful story of design-driven innovation.

Piemonte at Expo Dubai

Expo DubaiFrom February 27 to March 5, Piemonte was the protagonist of Expo Dubai with events presenting and enhancing its excellence in the design field: workshops, conferences, b2b meetings and a temporary exhibition in the "Short Stories" area of the Italian Pavilion.

Facts and figures about design and the creative industry sector in Piemonte

  • About 2,650 companies and design studios
  • About 72,500 employees
  • More than €14 bn turnover
  • 64% of design-oriented companies exports abroad
  • 27% of the companies exports up to 20% of the turnover

Torino is UNESCO Creative City for Design

In 2014 the City of Torino was designated UNESCO Creative City for Design. Piemonte has effectively important excellence and huge experience in this field. The theme of design - one of the main categories of the Creative Cities Network, the one in which the city was a candidate - is suitable for Torino: the city has made a unique use of design as one of the keys for industrial and post-industrial development, and has already received prestigious international awards.

The tradition


Design is at the heart of the Made in Italy culture and has animated and grounded the most important industries in Torino and Piemonte.

Besides the transportation sector, for which Piemonte design is worldwide recognised thanks to its famous car designers, creative ideas are distinctive features in many fields: architecture, living - i.e. furniture, complements, housewares, fittings and taps -, fashion - namely clothing, accessories, writing - and sports.

International awards and the future

The ability to invent new markets, conceive new meanings and create new forms that become part of everyday life is innate to the production and cultural tissue of the region. Some happy inspirations that led to the creation of true design icons, were developed here. To name but two: Bialetti’s Moka or design-icon Kactus by Gufram.

The high concentration of design-oriented companies has made Torino unique worldwide: it was no coincidence that Torino was the first city ever to be appointed “World Design Capital” in 2008 by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design.

Today Piemonte is very well distinguished as a design-driven region and boasts internationally famous companies like Alessi and Serralunga and worldwide appreciated brands such as Pininfarina and Giugiaro - together with a new generation of designers that face the international competition using in a sophisticated way the traditional, cultural, productive and technologic know-how to trace new paths in: interaction design, interactive visual communication, service design, co-participatory design, 3D printing.

Thanks to this lively and stimulating environment and to the presence of top schools, the regional design system is able to create value in various economic sectors, from manufacturing to services.


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