Piemonte fine wine and food tradition, appreciated all over the world, is one of the symbols of Italian excellence. Piemonte is featured by a unique offer made of many typical and wholesome products, rich in quality and variety, based on artisan or semi-artisan techniques, including a wide spectrum of specialties: wines and spirits, sweets and chocolates, cheeses, cured meats, rice, pasta, fruits and the prestigious white truffle, characterized by a bouquet of particularly intense perfumes.

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Facts and numbers about agrifood sector in Piemonte

  • 17 DOCG wines (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin)
  • 42 DOC wines (Controlled Designation of Origin)
  • 14 PDO products (Protected Designation of Origin)
  • 9 IGP products (Protected Geographical Indication) among which the Piemonte hazelnut
  • 342 PAT products (Traditional Agricultural Food Products)
  • 35 Slow Food Presidia among 278 Italian Presidia
  • 58,500 companies among:
    • 4,600 food & beverage  
    • 500 agricultural machineries & equipment for food & beverage industry
    • 53,400 operate in agriculture and forestry
  • 100,000 employees
  • 5.5 bn € export
  • 4.6 bn € import


Regione Piemonte

Piemonte is the region that produces the largest number of best known, noble, and world-appreciated prize-winning wines of Italy.

The whole world has in fact learned to appreciate the great Piemonte wines: the 17 DOCG wines (73 of the national total) and the 42 DOC wines (330 of the national total) register approximately 80% of the total regional output, mostly coming from about 20 autochthonous grape varieties, among which Nebbiolo - with 4 DOCG: Barolo, Barbaresco, Ghemme and Gattinara - Barbera, Dolcetto and Moscato.



Italy is the country that boasts the largest production of rice in Europe and Piemonte accounts for around 60% of national production. Since 2007 Piemonte vaunts the only Italian PDO rice (Riso di Baraggia Biellese e Vercellese).


Regione Piemonte

Since 1587 Torino and Piemonte have been one of the largest European centres of chocolate production.

The production of chocolate in Piemonte has been successful also thanks to the long lasting marriage between cocoa and local variety of hazelnut: the praized “Tonda e Gentile” Hazelnut, basic ingredient for Gianduja Cream and Giandujotto: an individually wrapped hand-made chocolate.

Fresh pasta

Last but not least, Piemonte boasts a tasty tradition in pasta-making with “fresh pasta” (tajarin), “filled pasta” (agnolotti, ravioli) and “dry pasta”.

Machineries and equipment

Alongside these productions, Piemonte boasts a top class tradition in agromachinery as well as in machineries and technologies for food and beverage industry, whose unique offer includes an exceptional variety of high level manufacturers as well as equipment, technological solutions and know-how.


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