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Piemonte at HLTH - Amsterdam, 17-20 June 2024

At Booths C48-C54, 6 top SMEs present the region’s outstanding capacities in the healthcare field ranging from digital health, telemedicine, electromedical equipment, products and services in the IoT world, as well as Artificial Intelligence applied to dermatology, cancer diagnosis and Intensive Care Units. 

Piemonte companies at HLTH 2024

Piemonte at FIME - Miami, 19-21 June 2024

At Booth F41, discover 8 SMEs with their exceptional competences in the healthcare field ranging from medical devices, medical and electromedical equipment, and disposable medical supplies to innovative technologies and comprehensive services for designing and implementing customized solutions.

Piemonte companies at FIME 2024

The Health & Wellness sector in Piemonte includes pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, wellness and health. The network of research centres, multinational companies and small and medium-sized enterprises, is a cluster of innovation, education and technology transfer. Altogether they combine into the core of a strong, interconnected system.

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New Teaching and Research Hospitals in Torino and Novara

Piemonte is implementing the future of medicine-related sciences. The cities of Torino and Novara will be at the center of this innovative renovation thanks to their New Teaching and Research Hospitals that will position Piemonte's regional healthcare system, the medical-scientific research and life sciences a-d human health-related sectors among the international leaders.

Torino New Teaching and Research Hospital                    Novara New Teaching and Research Hospital

Facts and figures about the Life Sciences sector in Piemonte

  • over than 2,800 companies operating in the health & wellness sectors
  • over 2,200 companies operating in the healthcare field
  • over 600 companies operating in the wellness field
  • 1 Innovation Hub for Biotechnology
  • 1 Biotechnology Science Park and 3 Incubators

The scientific, health and R&D scenario

Life sciences

The academic scenario includes 3 major Universities (Torino, Eastern Piemonte, Politecnico of Torino), and over 820 public research groups (including several interdepartmental and interdisciplinary centres) of which 60% in healthcare and medtech fields, with an outstanding scientific production.

The Piemonte public health system is organized into 3 major public hospitals, 4 University research and teaching hospitals is complemented and collaborates with IRCCS (Research and Health Service Institutes) including the Candiolo Cancer Institute, centres of excellence (among others the Human Genetic Foundation, the Molecular Biotechnology Centre, the Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi Foundation), a specialized Hub and Science Parks (e.g. BioPmed and BioIndustry Park) of national and international standing.

This public and private system accompanies the ordinary clinical activity with focused, strong, high level research and innovation initiative and services, with a significant impact factor in the areas of molecular and cell technologies in diagnostics and molecular and traditional imaging.

Converging technologies

The strong skills existing in Piemonte in converging technological sectors such as Information Communication Technologies, electronics and nanotechnologies favours the development of significant results and expertise in bioinformatics, bioengineering, data science techniques, and biomedical equipment.

Privileged location

Piemonte can also count on a strategic position right in the centre of one of the most dynamic biotech areas in Europe. Its proximity to other highly developed European regions, such as Lombardia in Italy and Rhône Alpes in France, is another plus for Piemonte region, making it an ideal connection between the two areas for widespread, synergic and shared development. Thanks to this fostering environment, Piemonte ranks high in the European scene and is strategically set for R&D, localization and investments in the Life Sciences and converging technologies sector.


Piemonte's industrial vocation is also expressed in lesser-known sectors such as cosmetics, a dynamic field in which some top names holding internationally known brands shine, especially when dealing with personal care products.
In a scenario that counts 14,000 cosmetic manufacturing companies in the world, about 1,000 are based in Italy and a hundred operate in Piemonte. These companies basically cover all the sub-sectors of cosmetics: perfumery, hair-care products, equipment for beauty salons, products for face and body care and make-up. Not to forget that many of these producers work with private labels while others offer organic and natural products.


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